Friday, November 24, 2006


It's been a long way down the road of vulgar selfishness and boorish disregard for the well-being of others since the Cabbage Patch Kids created such a ruckus over the availability of their dolls in the mid 1980's. I remember well, how people would rush into stores as soon as they opened, demanding dolls of the innocent store staff and management. It left behind an unpleasant distaste for humanity.

How sad that this kind of situation has only gotten much worse. Last Friday's release of the new PlayStation 3 brought out the worst in people all over America. As riots broke out at stores because of the limited supply and overwhelming demand for the product, I can't help but wonder how this event was not anticipated by retailers and the manufacturer. They shoud be held at least partially accountable. After hyping the product for a year and knowing that they would not be able to produce enough units for sale by the release date, Sony should have made the product available only through mail order and the internet. This would have prevented the horrors we witnessed on Friday.

Nintendo was much better prepared for the release of their Wii on Sunday. With many times more units produced, they avoided the marketing disaster of their competition. Still, perhaps the guilty gamers should be penalized for their unsportsmanlike conduct.


Blogger Jean Lafitte said...

Hmm. If you want to be truly cynical, you could suspect that they did anticipate this and it was what they wanted.

I highly recommend the podcast of Penn Jillette's daily radio show. It's available at iTunes, or you can go to On that day of madness a guy called in from Jersey saying he was in line waiting to buy a PlayStation 3 with the express intent of flipping it onto eBay at once. In fact, he and a friend were taking turns holding the place in line for this project.

I listened to Penn today -- probably the Dec. 1 show, I dunno, it's a podcast, not live -- and the guy called back. He did buy the PlayStation 3 for about $500. And he flipped it and sold it on eBay for $4500. He and his pal did shifts for about 24 hours for that. $4000 of profit, for just waiting in line for a day. Do the math. Not bad.

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