Tuesday, October 10, 2006


While listening to the classic death metal release "Darkness Descends" by legendary L.A. band Dark Angel this evening, I got the overwhelming impression that the dead were not only listening, but paying close attention.

While I have always been sensitive to impressions from "the Other Side," I have always attempted to maintain a sense of objectivity. This experience has called off all bets and redefined my communications with the dead.

With song titles like "Death is Certain (Life is Not)" and "Hunger of the Undead," I can only deduce that it is a very grim future which the dead are attempting to foreshadow. There is really no hope and I will not pretend otherwise. The Apocalypse is in progress and the world is utterly doomed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dwelling on the Past?

While it's true that I grew up on pop music, hard rock, progressive rock and heavy metal, it is incorrect to assume that I have no appreciation for classical music and opera. To the contrary, I love these genres.

One of my favorite operas, in fact, is Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin." I discoverd this musical treasure through my late uncle, Bob, who I adored. Wagner's music is majestic and at the same time introspective. It has hooks as well as mystery; beautiful melodies and intense drama.

I think that many people who have only been exposed to popular forms of music would, if they truly listened to any such work as this, gain an unexpected pleasure and wider perspective on music and indeed all forms of artistic expression, thereby.

Beyond just being great, inspring music, this particular work is also very intelligent and thought-provoking. It is a story of magic, romance, betrayal and intrigue. I leave it up to you, my wonderful audience, to explore the details of this excellent story.

Next few posts will highlight more classics as well as more Death Metal and pop/rock. I look forward to sharing these with you. Evanescence and Deicide are in my sights as well as Mussorgsky and Leos Janacek. Dark Blessings!