Thursday, September 28, 2006


Greetings from the Blasted Lands, dear readers. My unexpected abscence since Independance Day has finally come to an end. An interrruption in my internet access (still unexplained to this day) was the cause of this. A savage curse upon Earthlink!

On with the review! This fresh new band has captured my ear with their latest effor, "IV". While I sometimes feel that contemporary hard rock/heavy metal leaves a lot to be desired, I find Godsmack a refreshing change. Their hook-laden, yet still heavy melodies and song structures should be an inspiration to other bands of today.

Although I find the song "Shine Down" preachy and overly optomistic, it still has a good structure and melody. I have been told by those more familiar with Godsmack that this is not their best release. For me, it's a good introduction.