Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Changing Times

My dear readers (is there anybody still out there?) you may have noticed that my masthead and "About Me" have undergone some changes recently. This shall be reflected in the new direction this blog is going in from now on. Whereas this weblog has heretofore concentrated solely on my ravings and opinions on social and political matters, it now shall have a more fun and entertaining theme.

I now shall present reviews of my favorite CD's, movies and books as well as any other fun topics I deem worthy of mention. I am sure many of my readers will find this far more useful and uplifting than many of my previous posts have been.

I am looking forward to presenting my next post, which will be a review of the new Godsmack CD, "Godsmack 4." See you all (?) soon. Cheers!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Curtain Comes Down

This time it has come down on originality, especially in music. Anyone who has had the misfortune of hearing the band Wolfmother can attest to that. These Australians have decided to attempt to imitate the style of Led Zeppelin, but not the substance. Even if they were able to duplicate the substance as well as the style, it would still be false and empty. Back in the late 1980's there was a band called Kingdom Come who were also a poor imitation of the great Zeppelin. Wolfmother are a step down from them, for their lyrics are the shallowest, most meaningless mess I've ever heard.

But all that rocks is not rot. Rap and hip-hop have been shamelessly un-original for decades. Kids today don't even know the original songs that current rap hits have their hooks and beats sampled from.

And country music is no better. Most of what I hear sounds like Shania Twain or Keith Urban.

Movies and television are painfully obvious copy-cats of one another. From "reality" shows (which are usually scripted) to feature films that imitate the same plots with slightly different storylines, precious little is out there that hasn't been done before.

The world is aching for a Renaissance of creativity unlike anything it's ever witnessed. Until it comes I guess we're left to mourn the death of originality.