Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Contempt For Stupidity

As a testiment to the limitlessness of human stupidity I am forced, once again, to express my most heartfelt derision. While browsing the internet news headlines tonight, I came upon an article concerning the former World Trade Center site in Manhattan. It seems a group of September 11 victims' families had filed a lawsuit against the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation claimimg that LMDC's plans to build part of the new WTC memorial on the "footprints" of the towers would destroy what's left of them. The group accuses LMDC of breaking a state law by not properly consulting them through a federal historic preservation review process. The judge dismissed the case.

Now, first of all, as for what's left of the Twin Towers, I've been back to New York City several times since Black Tuesday and have visited the WTC site and TRUST ME there is NOTHING LEFT OF THEM! I can see nothing there to be saved. Save what? A hole in the ground?!

Secondly, I have been wondering why there has been no progress reported on the new construction and now I know why. The entire process has been tied up in this ridiculous litigation the whole time! These selfish people have delayed America's healing of the scars of 9/11 and it's all been for nothing. The new buildings will aid us all in finding a sense of closure after all these years.

And don't any of you out there DARE to accuse me of being insensitive to these families. By their actions they have delayed their own emotional healing as well as everybody else's. The death of loved ones is always a horribly devestating experience. Let's not make it worse by torturing ourselves further.


Blogger Jean Lafitte said...

The state of planning for the WTC site is worth remembering any time someone suggests that New Orleans shouldn't be trusted with federal recovery dollars because, 8 months after Katrina, our rebuilding plans aren't comprehensive enough to include exterior landscaping.

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