Tuesday, April 18, 2006

LET'S 86 "UNITED 93"

The last time I was this offended by a movie it was by that turd of a picture by Mel Gibson called "Signs." In it the audience is expected to believe that beings with enough intelligence and technology to traverse incredible distances through space to reach our planet are no match for a wooden basement door. But I digress.

Although I have never supported censorship, I must protest this cinematic sin against the American people. Ever since September 11, 2001 the media, in all its forms, has shouted "Never Forget!" Well, how could we POSSIBLY forget when the horrible memories of that terrible day are rammed down our throats constantly?

Rather than allow the wounds of 9/11 to heal, our avaricious American media choose to tear the wounds open ever further and rub salt into the infected gashes. All in the name of limitless greed. When will we finally shout back "ENOUGH!?"

I say we boycott "United 93" and let the makers of this film know that they have gone too far. Unlike "Farenheit 9/11", which was an excellent and informative expose into the dirty little secrets surrounding this tragedy, I see no possible purpose which can be served by "United 93" other than to make a lot of money for its insensititve and immoral producers and to further demoralize an already weary American public.

We certainly have enough challenges to face these days. Hurricanes, tornadoes, brush fires, earthquakes and tsunamis, to name just a few. The last thing we need is to unnecessarily re-live any of the depressing events of 9/11/01. Shame on Hollywood!


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