Friday, March 31, 2006

A Moment of Clarity

In the past few weeks, as I've reviewed this blog I've realized that my last few posts
have seemed (at least) slightly psychotic. Yes, more than usual.

While I retain the basic convictions that have been expressed, I see that my presentation has been somewhat manic. Although I do not seek to alienate my already limited audience, I feel that I have inadvertently done so.

Make no mistake, I am making NO APOLOGIES for the sentiments and statements which were made. I merely wish to re-connect with a demographic which may have misunderstood the spirit of my rantings.

The year 2005 was a test of courage and resiliency for myself and many others and 2006 has been a year of aftermath and regrouping. As we progress through this challenging time, I am confident that we will see a strengthening of human resolve to adapt to these changing circumstances and a renewed enthusiasm to repair and re-enforce our damaged lives.

I hold no illusions as to the impending hurricane season and its possible consequences to the Gulf Coast or anywhere else. The key here is in how we react to and deal with whatever comes our way.

At the risk of sounding cliche, Americans are famous for their resiliency and stubborn will. Don't tread on us! Why shouldn't this idea apply to natural disasters, at least to some extent? We who have become notorious as problem-solvers the world over are facing our greatest challenges ever, so let's use our incredible skills and determination to succeed once again.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


In the past several weeks I have been seeing advertisements on the Weather Channel for a new series which they're calling "It Could Happen Tomorrow." In this series they are speculating on the possibility that an earthquake could destroy San Francisco in the very near future and that a hurricane could virtually wipe out NewYork City.

After just having experienced the devastation of New Orleans, due to Katrina, and the extensive damage caused by Wilma in South Florida, I am extremely worried about these possibilities. I love South Florida and have loved it ever since my first visits. But the very thought of my beloved Manhattan undergoing the the kind of destruction the Weather Channel is pondering for New York in the very near future makes me absolutely insane. New York City is my heart. It was there that I shared some of my most cherished memories with my late uncle, whom I dearly loved and who loved NYC and lived there for the last 40+ years of his life. It was also there that I last felt truly "at home." There is no other city like it and I don't believe that there ever will be another that can compare.

I have experienced the loss of the wonderful city of New Orleans and am heartbroken. I could not bear to see anything similar happen to the Big Apple.

I remember, as a child in the Seventies, all the talk of pollution and the resultant "Global Warming" that would inevitably occur if steps were not taken to avoid it and now I look back in excessive bitterness at the fact that NOTHING AT ALL was done to rectify this situation. To me, this inaction is tantamount to murder.

I therefore cast a powerful Curse upon the greedy and worthless cretins who are responsible for the climactic chaos which we are left to deal with today and evoke their utter ruin, even unto their families after them. The worse it shall be for me, the worse it shall be for them!