Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bound and Gagged

In this unfortunate age we live in we find ourselves plagued by many annoyances and diasappointments. One of the most glaring of these is Comment Spam.

As if it weren't bad enough that these charlatans inundate our e-mail boxes and fax machines (even in our workplaces) with their unsolicited advertisements, they now have found a way to attack our weblog comments.

Since this blog has been repeatedly targeted by these immoral and perverted individuals I have seen fit to dis-allow all comments at this time. This is not only unfair to me, but to all those welcome persons whose comments I would appreciate.

What makes this whole situation all the more unpalatable is the fact that some slimy, heartless individuals would attempt to exploit a person who has just recently been through the ordeal of escaping the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

I can only hope that my extreme contempt for these gutter trash people will manifest itself in their complete financial ruin.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Upon seeing the news reports about the mis-handling of the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina it strikes me as outrageous that Mike Brown, head of FEMA, has been merely re-assigned, rather than terminated for his incompetence in dealing with this catastrophe. If you or I were to display this level of failure in our job responsibilities, we would certainly be in search of other employment by now.

Many people have died unnecessarily and/or been subjected to the tortures of the damned. A great city like New Orleans deserves far, far better than this. It is a tragic day in American History that we must record for posterity the events of the past eleven days.

As for Mike Brown, his credentials which he used to gain his current job have been proven to be fraudulent or innacurate at best. Where is the justice or logic in his continued employment?

P.S. - Please refrain from posting a comment if your only motivation for doing so is to promote your retail endeavor. Thank you.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


In the wake of the ongoing horrors, I find myself one of the fortunate few. I'm safe, unharmed and have a place to stay. It's been about ten days now and I've been through quite a harrowing adventure.

After driving for three days I finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with very few possessions and slightly shattered nerves. Fortunately the nerves are recovering rapidly and I still have my job.

The people I've encountered in the past few days have been extremely generous, helpful and compassionate. I send all of them my most sincere thanks.

The details of this bizarre experience will be presented in my book, just begun. More information on the progress and release of this work shall be shared with my blog audience as it becomes available.

This site shall henceforth carry on here in the Sunshine State. Cheers!