Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dirty Windows

A continuing frustration I find myself experiencing is my many trials and tribulations working with Microsoft Windows programs on my computer. The nagging inconsistencies, illogic and incessant errors I experience are driving an urge to begin committing extreme acts of desperation.

While I am normally an individual of unparalleled patience and respectful decorum, I simply cannot help but lose my composure, if only a little bit, when I continually experience such maddening problems as MS Windows seems to thrive upon delivering to their faithful consumers.

Which brings me to my next point. Apple. Macintosh/Apple seems to deliver the goods when it comes to computers, PDA's and MP3 Players. They , however are so hyper-aware of this that they price-gouge the public with their exorbitant prices. While I completely agree with the axiom that "you get what you pay for," I cannot condone the level that Apple takes this to.

How is it that the only computers which are efficient and make sense are un-affordable to the majority of the public, even those who are not completely poverty-level? Has no other company got the guts to challenge Macintosh/Apple?

All of this smacks of Monopoly and Price-Fixing. Was Bill Gates actually fired by Macintosh, or paid to say so and perpetually produce an inferior product?

Monday, July 18, 2005


There have been very few television series’ that have greatly impressed me since my childhood introduction to the Idiot Box, however there is one which now stands out. I refer to Showtime’s "Queer As Folk." Having been an avid fan since its introduction five years ago, I have never failed to be entertained, inspired, moved and challenged by its progressive themes and innovative approach to modern gay issues.

I am aware of its many detractors, some of them gay. While it may be true that some scenes are a bit exaggerated, on the whole it is a very accurate portrayal of gay life for a significant amount of people in our society.

The show has become extremely intense in this, its purported Final Season. With intense emotional upheavals and brutally real incidents, QAF is pushing all the limits and pulling all the stops. If this really is the final season for "Queer..." (although I will greatly miss it) I will joyfully celebrate a series that has delighted and encouraged me to think for these past five wonderful years.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I have been wondering if the reason for QAF’s departure has anything to do with the changing political tides in this country.

It is truly sad that our Government has turned to embrace a philosophy of hate and division in this, the greatest nation on Earth. There can be nothing more un-American than prejudice and bigotry. It is certainly the root of terrorism, terrorism which our government professes to despise. Why don’t we begin the War on Terror with a war on bigotry and Religious fanaticism? After all, isn’t it religious fanaticism which drives the Iraqi insurgents? How can we Americans condemn these people while we embrace Christian fundamentalist hatred? Who is the most evil in this regard?

Make no mistake, I fully support the War on Terror, but I thoroughly denounce the current Administration’s lack of consistency and refusal to defend all of our Civil Liberties.

If you, dear reader, have not had the pleasure to experience "Queer As Folk," I greatly encourage you to tune in soon, for only 3 episodes remain as of this post. Hail!