Thursday, June 16, 2005


This post may only relate to people who live in this Crescent City, but I feel I must speak out against an outrage that hits very close to home.

Having just returned from vacation, it’s come to my attention that the person chosen to be the Grand Marshall of Gay Pride here in New Orleans is a woman whom nobody seems to know. Her competition for the position was a wonderful lady who is very loved and respected in the local Gay and Lesbian community. This person just happens to be heterosexual.

Although her sexual orientation means absolutely nothing to all those in the GLBT community who know and love her, I can’t help but wonder if the fact that she was not chosen is because she is not gay. Her opponent is apparently a Lesbian.

While it is certainly appalling to discriminate against a person for being gay, it is also equally unacceptable to discriminate against a person for being straight.

Another very real possibility is that there was a racial bias. The South (even the Deep South) has never been famous for racial tolerance, after all. This is the ugliest possibility and therefore the one I have considered last. I strongly hope that this was not the deciding factor.

I don't know for certain that discrimination was the reason for the decision that was made, however, whether it was hate or political motivations it is still wrong.

Whatever the cause of this injustice is, I shall boycott all Gay Pride festivities in New Orleans until further notice. I encourage all those out there who appreciate our beloved A.B. as much as I do to join me in this action.

(Side Note: Upon announcement of the appointment of Grand Marshall, I am told that many of the people involved in casting the vote for G.M. resigned immediately and that all of the patrons of the establishment where this fiasco took place got up and walked out.)