Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Idle

After watching tonight's Season Finale of American Idol I must make comment. Although I feel that Carrie Underwood is certainly deserving of the prize, I cannot help but wonder if there were many watching who would have voted for Bo Bice, but, like myself, didn't bother.

While Bo's chosen style of music may be considered a bit outdated by some, I find that his charisma and talent are no less than (if not superior to) Miss Underwood.

Bo's superlative performance of "Sweet Home Alabama" (performed with his idols, Lynyrd Skynyrd) was one of the best and most "professional" and dynamic show-stoppers I have ever had the pleasure to witness.

Upon reviewing Bo's choice of songs for this final competition I wondererd why he chose a classic rock anthem such as this, instead of something more current. Then I thought of the highly successful Travis Tritt who has done covers such as this in the past.

With the voice and talent he possesses, Bo could be the next Travis Tritt or the next Ronnie Van Zant.

So I challenge all you computer literate, but unresponsive Idol watchers to go ahead and cast your vote. Sure, it might all be fixed, but what if it's not?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Still Ravenous

In the time since my last few posts I find myself (in some ways) no more advanced. I find that I'm still Ravenous on a daily basis.

Neither has my hunger, nor my patience been brought into balance since I published "Ravenous?" (03/16/05).

While I maintain that Seasonal Depression is certainly a strong possibility (and I affirm this through personal experience), I also support the theory that I simply love the pleasure of food and its proper preparation.

When I discover an exciting new recipe, it's like a good dream. When I taste the finished product, I know it's all been worthwhile.

Serving food to the public is a very challenging task and I applaud all those mighty individuals brave enough to undertake this gotham endeavor. I have attempted this in the past with mixed results. To my good fortune, my experiences have led to some very special professional acquaintances (more like "family"), and I have gained a great deal of general knowledge.

I think that understanding others has helped me to understand myself and understanding myself has helped me to understand others.