Monday, April 11, 2005

Anal Cortex

Is it just me, or do people in Louisiana tend to drive as if their brains are firmly planted in their anuses?

Being from far, far away, perhaps I am just unaccustomed to the driving habits of people in this region. I am inclined, however, to disregard this possibility, having recently seen a driver of a well-known touring bus (from this area) make a left turn from a far-right lane, directly cutting off traffic to his/her left.

This is far from being an isolated incident. There are probably as many incidents such as this that I have experienced, as there are Parishes in Louisiana.

Nor do I suspect that these driving habits are exclusive to the Greater New Orleans, North Shore and West Bank areas of the Pelican State, but rather that perhaps the entire Deep South is afflicted with this social malady.

Are we so far-separated from our daily destinations that we must live in constant fear of tardiness and thus make poor judgments when driving? If so, perhaps our commutes are too long and we should move closer to our workplaces.

The streets of New Orleans are no place for panic and indecision, so let’s keep our beautiful, amazing city safe and pleasant. I love New Orleans and would be greatly gratified to see road courtesy improve, even if only a little.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Props for Bones

It is not often that I discover an artist such as Bones (a.k.a. Evan Bryant.) While my favorite form of music is not necessarily hip-hop I do appreciate this genre when it is presented exceptionally well. Such is the case with Bones and his new release, “Not What U Expected.”

After sampling a few cuts from this CD I find myself drawn in by his refreshing style and delighted by his unique talent.
Not since The Almighty RSO and their classic, “Hellbound,” have I been so impressed. Bones’ clean, tight lyrics and street-real attitude combined with innovative, infectious beats creates an irresistible, hook-laden soundscape, which carries his message into the listener’s consciousness.

This self – produced work is the result of many years of training and experimentation by this progeny of talented heredity. His grandfather is a very successful jazz vocalist and his uncle was a highly talented blues musician. In addition, Bones has had training in classical music and has performed at Carnegie Hall and other venues of note.

My hope is that Bones continues to grow and experiment with his music and continues to be inspired and inspirational to those he has yet to encounter. Also I wish him much success and fulfillment in life.

I consider myself fortunate to be aware of this exceptional talent before many other people discover his eclectic rhythms and rhymes. Check out his website. Click here.