Monday, February 21, 2005

Addicted to Gotham

As I begin to once again feel the impulse to gravitate back to the City, I realize that I've been spellbound for several years. A place that I wasn't born in and was not reared in, has somehow become home to me.

It all began with my first visit, June of 1997. I had never before experienced the level of rapture that I did on that adventure. When the greyhound bus began to approach Manhattan I had the rare experience of an incredible sense of size being out of proportion. This huge wonderland of steel, stone and glass gleamed in the early afternoon sun. The Jersey shoreline seemed as dwarfed by the mammoth island.

I soon adopted the city and lived there for several years. In this time I learned many things, especially how to deal with people and situations. When you live in a small city you are not afforded the opportunity to interact with as many people, and thus can miss out on valuable life lessons.

Upon my many return visits to Manhattan, I have encountered individuals who describe my fascination with New York as the "New York bug". To me a "bug" is a disease and thus this is an inappropriate metaphor for my circumstance. I do not view my love for NYC as a disease, but rather a continuing enchantment with a city that has captured my heart, mind and imagination.

The lessons I have learned in New York are invaluable to me and have even prepred me for life in my current city of residence, New Orleans.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Zicam to the Rescue!

After waking up with a horrible head cold in the wee hours of the morning, I found it difficult to breathe and thus got a very poor night's rest. An extremely painful congestion headache combined with a sore throat (my colds almost always start with a sore throat) and chills had me virtually incapacitated. Unable to drive or concentrate on my work I called in sick on my job and spent the rest of the day asleep after taking a night time cold medicine. When I got up I felt a little bit better, but the sore throat and some congestion were stilll present. My partner phoned our friend, Jean Lafitte (check out his blog, Gumbo Pie) and asked him to bring some medicine for me. What Jean brought for me was a product called Zicam. I was reluctant at first to try this, since it is administered nasally. Nasal decongestants used to make my nose bleed when I was a child. But then I read on and discovered Zicam to be a nasal gel, which is not inhaled up into the nose, but rather sits just inside the nostril. I followed the directions for use exactly as printed on the box. To my utter amazement, within 60 seconds my sore throat was gone and so was the excess mucus in my throat and nasal passages. More than 4 hours later I have still had no recurrance of symptoms! On the box and bottle it reads "Homeopathic" and I was intrigued by this. I had heard of homeopathic medicine before, but had no idea what it was. Ever curious, I surfed the net and found some fascinating information. The 2 most informative and useful articles I found were this and this. Although I make no final judgment on the efficacy of homeopathic medicine, the results of this case speak for themseves. To the developers and distributors of Zicam I offer a healthy and heart-felt Hail Zicam!

Monday, February 07, 2005


While simply desiring to comment on my friend, Jean Lafitte's blog posting I found myself suddenly enveloped in the process of creating my own blog. Although I have been planning on starting my own blog anyway, I was not quite prepred to do so tonight. However, it may be a happy accident that things have turned out this way. Having seen the fun that Jean was having with his blog I have looked forward to experiencing this myself. Far better than an editorial (although editorials are impressive in their own right), a weblog can reach a far wider audience in a much shorter time. Also, the blogger can create a personal profile, to give the reader greater insight into the author of the post he or she is reading. I feel priveledged to live in a time when we have a technology to express ourselves to a virtually unlimited readership with a minimum of time and effort. In futre posts I endeavor to express my feelings and opinions on many various subjects of interest and contrtoversy. I encourage my audience to think freely and remember the darkside is always with us.